Friday, September 18, 2015


Today TAVA moved to a new domain:
There are now proper Instructions for using the latest version of the interface; Examples, which had previously only been noted on Twitter, now have their own page.

Most of the changes I've been working on haven't yet surfaced, but the project has graduated from a hobby hosted on my brother's minimally configured server, which I was capable of crashing, to a true application having a real, and expandable, home in the cloud.

I will be posting new visual elements to the Examples page before they are integrated into the application.  The Examples page will also be a place to gather unique visualizations made by using the yet-to-be-published API, which will make a growing database of ATP and WTA matches generally available.

Personal matches charted using ProTracker Tennis will not be made public.  If you use ProTracker Tennis, you can mail your matches to tennis.aip 'at'  You will receive a link by email to the TAVA visualization of your match.